Hello! My name is Ben Akers and I am a photographer currently in the state of Arizona. At this time I am pursuing a degree in photography at Northern Arizona University. 
My journey in photography started back in high school when I took an introduction to photography class. I fell in love with using the camera and capturing images. I continued to take photography classes all throughout high school and served as the photo editor of my high school’s magazine and provided images for the yearbook as well. I started off college hoping to go into Information Technology but I found that my passion for photography was more important and switched my major.
My goal before graduation is to continue developing my location portraiture and landscape work as well as look into other specializations such as real estate photography. Please reach out to me if you have any questions or would like to work with me for your photographic needs.
Photo of Ben Akers by Megan Ford-Fyffe

Adobe Certified in Photoshop CC 2018
Journalism Education Association San Francisco Spring 2018 Conference: 
Portrait Photography - Honorable Mention

Photographer's Forum Best of College and High School Photography 2018 Finalist

Balfour Yearbooks Fall 2018 "Academic Activities" Photo Contest - 2nd Place 

Journalism Education Association Anaheim Spring 2019 Conference:
Photography Portfolio - Excellent Award
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