As a photographer I believe it is important to always work on improving your editing workflow. Photo technology changes at such a rapid pace but if you keep up with the latest software and gear your work can see some benefits.

For the past few months I have been looking for some usable noise reduction software that doesn't change my workflow completely or take over 10 minutes to process a single photo. Back in August I found the perfect solution for my workflow and that solution is DXO PureRAW.

DXO PureRAW is a "pre-processor" for your raw files and allows you to do perform AI based noise reduction and lens corrections that outperform Adobe software. After doing the corrections the DNG files from PureRaw can be taken into Lightroom or Photoshop and be edited like a standard raw file. 

I've found this software to be very helpful when working in situations where I have been forced to increase my ISO because a slower shutter or lower aperture was not possible.
Below is a cropped image before and after the noise reduction in DXO PureRaw
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